Tips for Opening Your Own Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are sprouting in every corner these days. This is not surprising as many people are addicted to caffeine. Coffee serves as a fuel in the morning to those going to work or school. While starting your own coffee shop will appear to be easy, there are things to consider when opening your own coffee shop. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t fall flat when opening your coffee business.


Start with a plan

Winston Churchill once said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. Most entrepreneurs skip the business plan writing and move to the next steps immediately. Don’t do that. Having a business plan will make your life easier and have your next steps in the right direction. Your business plan must indicate your vision for the company, define your customers, illustrate your concept, and list your finances. You can also place measures of success to give you space for growth. Your business plan will create a concrete image of your coffee shop before you start buying beans and designing your store.

Choose your source

Finding the right coffee partner and choosing your beans is an important step in building your business. Coffee is the star of your shop so spend time finding the right partner. Your coffee partner will be your business wife so spend time to get to know them and their sources of beans. While you may think having a coffee partner spares you the need to know a lot about coffee, then you are wrong! Ideally, you are the head barista so get to know those beans and techniques. Be a coffee person more than anyone else in the store. Visit different cafes and taste their coffee to find your own taste. Then look for the right beans to match the flavor and styles.

Find the right spot

In any business, location is the key. You may have the best business idea but a wrong location will lead it to failure. Go around buildings and lots to observe. Spend days walking around your options to see how many people will pass by your place. Check if your vision fits right into the environment. Finding the right spot will not happen overnight so be patient.

Invest in equipment

For your coffee shop to be successful, it must serve high quality consistently. This can be achieved by having the right equipment to be used by baristas every single day. There are two crucial equipment in any coffee shop: a high quality espresso machine and coffee grinder. These two will produce a wide range of coffee in your menu. Take time to find the right equipment for this will be your greatest investments in your shop. The right equipment partnered with your chosen beans will have your customers going back for a cup everyday.

Keep it simple

A complicated menu can be overwhelming to your customers. Keep your menu simple and your prices reasonable. Your drinks’ names must also be easy to remember so they can refer it to their friends. A complicated menu can also be tricky to your baristas and may even compromise the quality of your drinks. Price your drinks accordingly. Your list of finances will come into consideration to make sure you are indeed making a profit at the end of the day.

Find the right staff

Find passionate people to help you with your business then nurture them. Your baristas are your front liners. They will be the brand ambassadors every day so make sure you have a good relationship with them. Pay them well and share your vision with them.


Opening a coffee shop can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. These are just a few tips to help your feet get wet in building your dream coffee shop. Remember that your shop must run on passion, enthusiasm, positivity, and commitment. It will not be an overnight success but be excited for the time you are drinking your own coffee and enjoying conversations with your loyal customers.