How to Brew a Great Cup of Iced Coffee

We all love drinking coffee whatever the time or day. While others like their coffee strong and bold, some prefer a perfect cup of iced coffee. When the sun is high up in the sky, you would prefer your caffeine over ice to combat the scorching heat. There are different approaches towards your cold brew.

One assumes that pouring brewed coffee into a glass full of ice will give the satisfaction of an iced coffee. But contrary to its simple name, iced coffee can be a complicated thing. No matter how full of ice the glass is, the ice would melt leading to a diluted coffee flavor and semi-cold glass of iced coffee. If you are stuck at home one summer day, here is how you can enjoy your own cup of delicious iced coffee.

There are two ways of making your iced coffee – one using a French Press and the other using a cheese cloth. Both ways guarantees a flavorful iced coffee at the end of the day.

French Press Method


  • 1/3 cup of darker roasts like Sumatra and Brazilian
  • 1 ½ cups of filtered water

Grind your coffee for your French press. Fill the press with filtered water. Filtered water makes better coffee based from experience. While a hot brew requires pushing the plunger, cold brew required the French press to sit in the refrigerator for hours before you press the plunger. Cooling the brew can be between 12 to 48 hours, depending on how cold you want your coffee to be. Afterwards, take out your press and slowly press the plunger down. Once done, you have your iced coffee ready to go!

Cheesecloth Method


  • 2 cup rich roast of ground coffee
  • 7 cups cold water

In a large bowl, mix your fresh ground coffee with water. Cover the container and let it sit in your kitchen from 8 to 24 hours. When ready to make your coffee, line cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer. Place it over any pitcher or glass jar then pour your coffee/water mixture through the strainer. Press the grounds using a spoon to force every ounce of liquid. Using a cheesecloth will filter out the finer pieces. Once done, you can now enjoy your coffee!

Flavored Iced Coffees

Each one has their own way of taking their coffee. Iced coffee can be mixed with different flavors. One way is serving it as Vietnamese iced coffee. In a glass, pour cubes of ice then fill halfway with cold brew. Add a spoon of sweetened condensed milk then fill the remaining of the glass with cold brew. For a stronger kick of cold brew, make yourself a Kahlua iced coffee. Just mix ice, Kahlua, home-made cold brew and milk. You can add sugar to taste.


A personal favorite is a glass of salted caramel iced coffee. Just mix a glass of cold brew with ¼ cup of caramel sauce. Mix in 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt, ice cubes, sugar and milk to taste. Once mixed well, top with whipped cream. Don’t forget to drizzle caramel sauce!

A good tip for any mix of iced coffee is making your leftover coffee into ice cubes. This will strengthen your coffee even if you add a cup of ice in your glass.

Coffee, whether iced or hot, is a perfect way to make your day better! Grab a glass jar or favorite mug, pour your own mix of coffee, then grab a good book to enjoy with your coffee. Don’t forget that coffee is packed with antioxidants so your body will be thanking you for that cup.